A Roadmap To Fashion's Carbon-Free Future | #BoFLIVE

In the context of climate emergency, innovation and bold courses of action are no longer simply desirable — they are necessary for our survival. But what would it take for the fashion industry and its logistical activities to become carbon-free? How can businesses begin to work towards a zero-emission target? And how must we all work together to achieve it.

Morten Lehmann, Chief Sustainability Officer, Global Fashion Agenda; Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of CSI, DHL; with Robin Mellery-Pratt.

This BoF LIVE event is brought to you in partnership with DHL, the eRetail and Fashion industry’s leading global logistics supplier. For decades, DHL have pioneered solutions to meet the needs of designers and retailers alike. Now, through our “Positive Fashion” initiatives, we’re highlighting the importance of sustainability in the industry. Learn more at dhl.com.

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