Dina Asher-Smith | What Are You Working On (E17) | Nike

British Sprinter Dina Asher-Smith shows us that you really can have it all. Despite her busy career, she’s finding alignment in other areas of her personal life and making the most of her passions beyond running. Check out how she stacks accolades on the track while still making time for new experiences, friends, and family.

Our new series “What Are You Working On” uncovers the works in progress happening around the world as athletes navigate journeys in and beyond their sport. British sprinter Dina Asher-Smith is working on prioritizing herself and living her best life outside of a demanding career. Never Done living life to the fullest.

0:00 Meet Dina
1:40 Polar Opposites
2:20 Know Yourself
3:43 Living Life to the Max

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