Jeff Goldblum on Finding Passion, Confidence and “The Shirt” I Explains It All I Harper’s BAZAAR

Jeff Goldblum is no stranger to film—he basically manifested his acting career on his shower door as a kid—and has since made several iconic appearances on screen throughout the years. Inspired by his wife, kids and Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jeff finds creativity in it all. When he’s not deciding how many unbuttoned buttons is too much on the “Jurassic Park” set, he is listening to and learning from physicists. Watch as he offers advice on how to find your passion, be fearless, and live a happy life. Watch all the latest Harper’s BAZAAR videos here:

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Producer: Isabel Montes
Director of Photography: George Germano
Assistance Camera: Tony Xie
Swing: Ryan Devita
Editor: Erica Dillman
Colorist: Erica Dillman
Motion Designer: Anna Aiello

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