The Debrief | What Makes Jacquemus So Successful?

BoF luxury editor Robert Williams unpacks how the French luxury brand has managed to grab the industry’s attention and maintain a sound business model without outside help.


Simon Porte Jacquemus is one of fashion’s hottest independent designers — and his namesake label is one of its most impressive businesses. The company, known for its tiny bags and minimalist playfulness, is on track to double annual revenues to over €200 million ($199 million) by year-end, with plans to reach €500 million by 2025. The designer has been able to build buzz with his clear brand vision, and savvy ability to storytell through social media.

“He was one of the first designers to realise how powerful of a tool Instagram was going to be, and to have something really compelling to say on that platform — to have a universe that was just really organically compelling,” said BoF luxury editor Robert Williams.

Key Insights:
– Simon Porte Jacquemus has managed to build a scalable luxury start-up without the help of a conglomerate or big investor: a rarity in fashion. Jacquemus thinks the pressure to up sales every season to keep the business running pushed him to commercial success.
– Armed with a new store on Avenue Montaigne, the brand reaches up into luxury prices, but maintains a more accessible, fun, young and playful bent.
– Handbags — led by the brand’s hit, Chiquito style — are an essential profit driver for the business.
– With a new CEO on board in Puig’s Bastien Daguzan, the brand is looking to solidify its footwear business and diversify its menswear offering.
– As of now, Jacquemus does not plan on taking outside investment. The brand believes its momentum and strong retail partnerships will help it reach its sales goal of €500 million by 2025.

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